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Grew up in the company of artists. His Uncle Dave was Art Editor for Cosmopolitan Magazine, NYC. His Father Dan Wolf is a well known tattoo artist and proprietor of Wolf’s Den/Planet Wolf Tattoo Studio at the Jersey Shore. Eddie spent his childhood with a pencil and sketch pad. With an abundance of artistic talent, he began his tattoo career in his father’s shop where he honed his craft as a tattoo artist for 17 years. In a bid to change scenery, he has relocated to the Valley of the Sun where he continues to master his skills as an artist in residence. When he is not drawing or tattooing, Eddie enjoys his other passions of fresh water fishing and the pursuit of the Harley-Davidson life style. A consummate perfectionist, Eddie is driven to accomplish his love of tattooing to the highest standard and he welcomes the opportunity for new clients and fresh ideas.

Jared Booth is the Body Piercer at Precision Tattoo and Body Piercing. He was born October of 1994 near Pittsburgh, PA. Yes, he is young, but he took interest in the art of body piercing at a young age. Jared started by piercing himself a few times, by doing that his friends noticed and liked the work he was doing. After piercing almost everyday, he knew then he wanted to make a career out of it. He found a shop in Pittsburgh that said they could apprentice him. Shortly after, he moved out to AZ for his senior year of high school. The studio in Pittsburgh said that they would give a good word for anywhere he could find to apprentice him in Arizona. Jared heard about a new studio opening in Chandler. That's how he found Precision Tattoo and Body Piercing. He focused on school for the rest of the year and graduated at the age of 17 and immediately got accepted to be an apprentice at Precision Tattoo and Body Piercing. He finished up his apprenticeship, and then graduated to become a full-time Piercer as soon as he turned 18. It's been almost a year since he has been labeled a Professional Body Piercer, and his family, friends, and co-workers couldn't be more excited about his abilities. Now after being in the Industry, Jared wants to take his career to the next level. Meaning he is currently apprenticing to become a Tattoo Artist.

Mike Jaxsin Mike was born in the heart of the midwest- Chicago, IL. Mike’s biggest passion growing up was always music. After school a friend of his opened up a shop called Cadillac Customs Tattoo in Chicago and he quickly realized what his new passion was- tattooing. At 24, he was a born natural into the tattooing world. He started to make a name for himself by moving up into a new shop named Styx Unlimited Tattoo. After being there for a few years, building up a great portfolio, and making a large clientel base he needed some new scenery. That’s how he ended up in Arizona! Mike worked in Tempe for about a year before landing here at Precision Tattoo. Since our grand opening on June 1st, 2011 Mike has started to make a name in the valley’s tattoo scene. He still has a passion for music and his hometown, which is apparent in his tattoo room. Mike’s own style, like most artists, is incredibly unique. He loves traditional Japanese artwork and intensely colorful pieces as they allow him to have more free range in the tattooing process.

Born and raised in Montana. His passion for art started at the young age of five, and developed into an obsession. He is an all around perfectionist, spending countless years learning absolutely everything he could to become a better artist. While attending elementary, jr. high, and high school he took every opportunity to learn more about art, and even surpass most of the teachers in ability. After the loss of his grandfather while in his junior year of high school, he was expelled for too many absents. He took that as a sign from above to obtain his G.E.D. and move on with his life. So now having his G.E.D. he started looking into art schools to further his ability. He decided that The Art Institute of Phoenix was the place for him. So he loaded up his little mini truck and made his way to Arizona. Alone I might add, and only 17 years old. He moved in with a childhood friend, the love of his life, and to this day his loving wife Jackie. They had many ups and downs over the next few years Ryan attended the Art Institute, including the birth of there first child Shawn, and marriage to Jackie. Once Ryan graduated college he worked here and there and even had moved himself and his family to Lake Havasu Arizona. Finally moving back to the valley he started pursuing his true passion, Tattooing! Ryan had grown up around bikers, and tattoo shops, so it had always been a deep interest for him. He like so many others figured the transition from paper to skin would be an easy one and like so many others he figured wrong. So even with his hands full with his son and now newborn daughter Ashleigh he attempted to find an apprenticeship. He finally did at a new shop and for one reason or another he will not divulge were! After 9 months of a back breaking dead end apprenticeship he was let go for all the wrong reasons! Ryan used that as fuel to light a fire under his ass to do it on his own. So over a couple of years and with the help of friends and family his dream of tattooing was on a roll! Ryan had put together a half way decent portfolio and started looking for a real shop to work in! Thanks to an amazing artist/friend Jason, he was finally working in a real shop. He has spent the years since working hard to perfect his craft. Hes had ups and downs, and has had some amazing opportunities to work and learn from some world renowned artists. So now at Precision Tattoo Ryan is going into his 11th year of tattooing and he is continuing to further himself and his art. There is little left to say other then a word of advice from Ryan himself and I quote,"Take the time to look into your artist, and look at there portfolio! A truly great artist will take the time to make you feel comfortable, and help you to put your ideas into a beautiful design that you will enjoy for the rest of your life! Also remember this is an investment that lasts forever, so treat it as such!" Ryan is always happy to answer any questions, and will always give you 110 percent!